I don't set goals, here's why

If my animals feel free, I feel free. And this is to me is like the place where I can really go and meditate and remnants on all of the things that I've been through that the organization that has been through. I think about what my animals here have been through before they were rescued. This is just a very peaceful, open spot that both myself and the dogs really enjoy coming to, to be able to just be ourselves and So really think about everything we've done and also everything that we're going to do.

This is a great place for me to come with my notebook to just write down what I'm going through, my thoughts, my feelings, to journal my, I like to call them facts. Something I've been working on is really changing my language and I don't, I don't call them goals anymore. I don't have goals because goals, they're possible to not achieve.

So I call them future facts. Um, my coach helped me with that one. And now I, I, I write down my future facts. If it's a goal, it's not so important to me, but if it's a fact, if you're, if I'm definitely, if I need to do it, if someone said, if you lose 10 pounds by the end of the month, because it's really good for your health, you know, what are the chances of you doing it?

50%, 60%, 10%, who knows? But if someone said, I'll give you 500, 000 if you lose 10 pounds at the end of the month. You're going to figure a way to lose it. It's going to become not a goal, but a fact. And that's what I decided to do here for the property is, and for my life, is to come up with future facts, not goals.

And by deciding to have future facts, I need a specific type of team that can make sure that those facts happen. But when you have a fact and not a goal, you take on much more of the responsibility. Does that make sense?
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