How I Prepare For The Future

All the worries that people have are about what's going to happen tomorrow, or the next day, or a week from now, or a month from now. Some people worry about every single day. What about a year from now? I'm very excited, very optimistic about the future, which is really just, I think, the best place to be.

This optimism about the future, it's not about not thinking anything wrong will happen. I, it's, it's the opposite. It's, I know things are going to get crazy, overwhelming, difficult. All the things that life brings to us. Where I'm optimistic is that I know we will handle it. I know that we will learn from it, we will grow from it, we will thrive.

Every good day, it's great, but it doesn't make you grow at all. It's always nice when people talk about how, you know, confident they are, certain they are, whatever, when everything is going right. But when everything is going right, that's preparation. Yes, it's important. To be grateful and to be do your best to be in the moment and take that all in But you also have to mentally prepare when everything is right.

You have to mentally prepare For what could happen but you do it in a way I hope i'm making sense you do it in a way where you're not within this anxiety anxiety is just fear You're not preparing for tomorrow In this fearful way, you're just getting ready for anything.

That's really how I've been lately and that's not how, you know, I wasn't born that way for sure. I've learned from so many different mistakes and so many different ups and downs, but it's like I have this feeling inside of me when I think about, you know, especially at where I am with my team and the fact that I have, uh, several employees now.

I can't get as worried as they get about something. I can't get as nervous or fearful. I have to really, you think about when you have that amount of responsibility, you have to be there for people. And what I mean by that is you have to show them, not tell them, you have to show them that everything is going to be okay.

That every mistake is a gift. That every downfall just creates endless opportunity, but we have to know that we have to know that or else the universe Keeps teaching us those lessons and they get harder and harder if we don't listen So what i'm telling you is listen to what's happening to your life right now Listen to whatever it is that you're going through.

And I promise you when you listen and you decide that you're going to learn from it and grow from it, when you accept, when you surrender, not only accept, but also surrender to the fact that you are going to be a better person tomorrow. That's where the flowers mentally start to blossom.
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