Our Actions Really Matter

Good morning, everyone. Good afternoon. I hope you're having a beautiful day. Um, I wanted to share a quick note given the, uh, and this is something I've always wanted to chat with you guys about and given the, you know, the Oscars and all that, which I just cannot believe is a topic and I'm guilty of it talking about it now, but I'm not going to talk about it.

What I'm going to talk about is something that I've always wanted to talk about with you. And I just haven't had the time recently. So given the commotion of everything, I felt this is a good time for whoever needs to hear it. And who knows what this will turn into, right? So I really cannot express to you the amount of mistakes that I wouldn't have made and the amount, the amount of regrets that I wouldn't have if I took a breath and went for a five minute walk before reacting.

I cannot express to you enough. I have a spider web on me. I cannot express to you enough how often I think about that. If I would have taken a breath and went for a quick walk or even taking a breath and just not moved anything, but immediately reacted. And as you can see, and as a lot of you have probably experienced yourselves, That doesn't, that lesson isn't learned just because you get older.

Just because you turn into your 70s, 80s, 90s, just because you get older, that lesson is not learned. It unfortunately, in my opinion, just like the best way to learn something is experience. And, not only that, oftentimes, regrettably, We have to experience it several times, many times until you're like, Oh man, why don't I just take a breath and walk away?

So keep that in mind as, as much as you can because you see good people, right? You see good people or people that we believe in or kind people. And again, I'm not just talking about, uh, uh, as far as the situation, I, I don't know, you know, any, many or any really celebrities personally, personally. But what I'm saying is it could be a friend of yours.

It could be yourself. You could be a good person. And you just, you're like, I can't believe I reacted that way. When you, when you do that, when you are that person that takes a breath and walks away, that's what human beings, that's what the power and the beauty of human beings of all animals is that that energy rubs off.

This is what I really do my best to instill in people that your energy and your power. Can be so strong that even your habits, your behavior, your personality, how you respond to things, it, it, it, it gets infectious. It, it trickles onto the other, other people, even people that you don't know. So when you just are that, wow, look how beautiful, watch this.

Look at that. They're all right there. Come on belly Ella. I love that. Come right back. So don't worry. Come on Ella. Really? That's so cool, man. Sorry about that. They were, they were pretty high. It was beautiful. So I just kind of wanted to watch that. I've never seen them like so many of them like roaming the, the hilltop.

It was just really beautiful. Anyways, come on guys. So what was he saying? Yeah. Like I know you've heard it before, right? I know you've heard take a breath, right? Go for a walk. Don't react right away. But Sometimes we don't make the change because we don't really realize how important it is. That's why we don't sometimes learn from the first mistake or the second mistake.

But I want you to realize how much you can change the world. I want you to realize, like, how powerful you are. And when we develop these important habits, these important habits and patterns, when we develop certain ways of thinking and It and other people learn that from us and we give off that energy and people want to be like that, man, like, even if just a thousand of you started doing that right now, you know, even if a thousand of you just became aware and cautious of how important it is that your energy inspires people and does good for people, that's how we really just make this world such a better place because.

Because I think that we can all agree, like, we really, like, need that right now. And it's not gonna happen from any external things other than ourselves. There's nothing, unfortunately, that's going to change this world except you. Us. And, the quicker you really understand that, hopefully, if we're all at least somewhat aware, the quicker you understand that, The quicker we can really start treating each other better, treating ourselves better, treating animals better, everything.

And uh, I really just can't stress that enough. Because otherwise, a lot of what you see is what not to do, right? You see what not to do and then it becomes this really stupid and crazy distraction and it's like, it's just not important. Right? What's important is to see what to do, to see the positive reaction.

Negativity for some reason is so much more attractive anger and fighting and all that it's so much more attractive, but it is what it is. So we have to do our part to teach in the most beautiful way possible, which is by being yourself, by being your own conscious and aware, beautiful, amazing, energetic, loving, kindhearted person that you are.

All right. All right, guys. I love you. See ya.
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