If you don’t have love in your heart, I hope you find it

Hey everyone. I, um, I'm not myself. Like many people around the world right now watching what is going on around the world. And for me, where I, where it hits home, where it's personal because I have so much family there witnessing what's going on in Israel. Um, I am not myself. I like to start all my videos with, I hope that you're having a beautiful day.

I like to make, as you know, I like to share positivity. Um, I feel like it is such a big part of my purpose to make people smile on the darkest of days, but I quite, I find it quite difficult to, uh, smile myself right now. I feel, I feel guilt. I feel sadness. I feel immense mourning. Um, I, I, I feel absolutely disappointed in humanity.

I, I feel so let down by humanity. Um, I feel so confused. I feel very confused. Um, and I know many people, uh, I feel, I know that many people feel so alone right now. So I, I just, I don't understand. I don't, I don't understand how the tragedy in Israel can be celebrated by so many people. The Jewish population is only 0.

2%. There are only 14 million Jews in the world. Uh, there's 32 percent Christian, 25 percent Muslim, 0, 0. 2 percent of the population is Jewish. And although I know that there is and has been terrible conflict in Israel and the Middle East for, for many years, thousands of years, it's not just the past 75 years, thousands of years, to know that there has been, uh, such celebrations.

Of what the Hamas terrorists have done to Israel saddens me now before people get very defensive. Um, I understand right now that anyone who shares their feelings about Israel, the immediate reaction is what about the people of Palestine and all the innocent children and innocent women, men and children of Gaza.

And my heart goes out to them as well. This is not, this is not something that I think is a, uh, Should be in mourning just for what happened in Israel. However, what I will say, what happened in Israel is an absolute terrorist attack. The, the slaughter of innocent women and children, babies. I need you, for those of you who support something like this, I need you to think about what kind of monster could do such a terrible thing to an innocent baby, an innocent child, an innocent woman.

How can such a monster, a man, a male, even perform? the sexual activities they're performing on these innocent women. Tell me what kind of monster can live like that with themselves. Um, and these monsters, for those of you who feel like it does not affect you, these monsters don't just want Israelis to be killed.

They want the Jewish population eliminated and they want America, Americans eliminated. This hits close to home for me. My father lives there. My sisters live there. My nephews live there. I have family there and, um, the amount of anti semitism, not just, not just, uh, there, but here, the amount of anti semitism across the country, across the world, is a very lonely and dark feeling.

I think that anyone who can celebrate Whether you are Jewish, white, black, Muslim, Christian, no matter what you are, no matter what you believe in, anyone who can celebrate the pain of an innocent person's suffering, anyone who can celebrate the pain of any living thing, is a sick and demented individual.

No one, no one, no one should ever feel happy, About the pain of someone else. No one should ever celebrate the pain of someone else. The pain of someone losing their baby, of losing a child, of losing their loved one. No one should ever be able to justify it. It is unjustifiable.

I am so proud to be Jewish. I am not religious, but I am Jewish and I'm proud to be Jewish. I love and treat everyone the same. If you are black, white, Mexican, whatever it is you believe in, as long as your belief is with love and not to hurt people and not to end a race and not to end a religion, I am your brother.

I am your family. It doesn't matter if you are Jewish and you hate others for any other reason than I am against you. If you are a Palestinian and you are hate and you hate others for any other reason of not being what you believe, then I am against you. I am for and on the side of people. I am for and on the side for the people who want to see people come together and live in unity as in one.

This is not a political post. This is a reason, there is a reason for this video, besides me just not feeling like I should be silent right now. The reason is because I, how could people, please, please, how, think about how could anyone. Celebrate the suffering of someone else. How could anyone celebrate what's happening right now?

It is very close to home for me. And it is an uncomfortable, scary feeling. And I, um, I'm so sad to see the images that I've seen. To, to, to see people flying in. on, on kids having fun at a music festival and, and, and taking advantage of them and killing them. And, and, and, uh, it breaks my heart and it would break my heart.

If the tables were turned, it would break my heart. It would break my heart. It breaks my heart. When I see anything that is innocent, any living thing that is in its innocent suffering, fear, seeing fear in people, seeing terror and hearing terror in people. It kills me and it hurts so much more to see that people are loving this, that people have no sympathy and no compassion to, to be able to, you cannot justify it.

If you think for a second, if you can justify slaughtering an innocent family, children, then I don't know how you live with yourself. Again, I am not religious, but I am Jewish. I am proud to be Jewish. I am proud of who I am. I would never wish pain and suffering on any, any innocent civilian in the world.

I have never wished pain and suffering on anyone, but I do wish that these terrorists are stopped so that they can never do it to anybody again, whether it be in Israel, America, anywhere in the world. It is very important that. You know what you're fighting for. It is very important that you know what you're doing when you're chanting.

And that you're aware of the situation. Please don't just join the noise. Don't just follow the crowd. Please understand what is happening in the world. Please understand what is happening around you. And please understand that it can, and most likely, if not stopped, will happen in the future. In your neighborhood, not just in Israel, but in your backyard, this is what they want.

It is not like, if Israel crumbled, that there would be peace. To think that is, is not smart. It is not intelligent. If Israel crumbled, they would just want to eliminate all of the Jews, and all of America, and then more and more. Terrorists just want to cause terror, and that is it. I, um, part of the reason I have so many animals is because when I go to a shelter and I see the fear, I cannot help but doing something.

Here, I see and feel the fear across the world. I see and feel it from my family. I feel so helpless. So at the very least, I wanted to make this video to, A, not be silent, to show my support to the best of my ability. And to show and to tell everyone that we, we were not born to celebrate the suffering of others.

It doesn't matter what your race is, what your religion is, what you believe in. This whole thing is so, so sad and so terrible. And what's really awful is it's on purpose and planned and it is just the beginning. It is to cause more hate. It is to cause more separation, to feed more misinformation, and it is just the beginning of something that is going to be even more awful than I believe we've ever witnessed or heard of.

Minus the Holocaust, which you would think that people who hate Jews would be, uh, happy enough that six million Jews died there. And, you know, if you could just think. Why are there only 0. 2 percent Jews? Jews have been slaves for thousands of years, and Israel is the one place, Israel is the one place, or may I say was, although I do believe Israel will prevail, is the one place that they could feel safe, the one place where they could go to be Jewish, the one place they could go to be proud to be Jewish, the one place they could go where they wouldn't negative, they wouldn't feel negatively judged to be Jewish, Where they wouldn't have to, where they wouldn't have to hide in a basement, hide underground just to pray.

And, um,

I really feel like they deserve that, that we deserve that. A place that we could be proud to be Jewish. I am sorry for the civilians of Gaza. I feel for the innocent children of Gaza. I know that Gaza, it is taught to hate from a young age. And that is something that also makes me sad because all over the world, please do not forget that hate is taught and hate just produces more hate and hate comes with violence, which of course that's why this is all planned to cause more hate and more divide to my Palestinian friends.

I do have a lot of Palestinian close friends. I do say that I love you. This is not to separate us. Please. We will not be puppets. Of the puppet masters, we will not hate each other. This is a time to come together. This is a kind a time to understand, to show compassion to everyone and understand that terrorists do not want peace.

They only want terror moving forward. Um, I will continue to post the videos of us doing what we do at the Asher House, rescuing animals and doing our best to inspire people, to inspire people to be better. To be better. To be, to be the best version of themselves. To live a fulfilling life so that we treat each other better.

Better people, good people, treat each other better. Happy people treat each other with happy thoughts and beliefs, and I want to spread that and share that no matter what. And I will continue to do that. I'm not making this video for any other reason to please.

Please ask yourself, how could anyone, anyone, Israeli, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, how could anyone celebrate the suffering that is happening right now? On any side, on any level, how could anyone celebrate the suffering? I feel for my friends and family that are in Israel. I feel for the Jews who are around the world who are afraid, who feel alone.

I understand, I understand when you look at the comments, and hear what's being said by people you once even looked up to, who you once thought were, um, about peace. Um, I know the letdown that you feel. I feel the letdown as well. And, um, you're not alone. I am with you. I love you and

I'm, I'm sorry. I'm just, I'm so sorry. I just, I so, I so wish this wasn't happening. I so wish this wasn't happening to people. Anywhere. I wish this wasn't happening to, to Gaza, to Israel, to my fellow Jews. I wish this wasn't happening to anyone. There's war. There's war. There's so much war right now. There's so much war.

There's so much death. There's so much pain. All for what? There's just so much tragedy. At the very least, we can show the terrorists that we are not afraid and to call them what they are, which is terrorist. It takes a sick person. It takes a very sick person to inflict that kind of terror. A very, very sick person.


just, I'm really sorry. And I'm sad and I'm heartbroken and humanity continues to let me down. And I hope to one day in this life or most certainly the next to live in a world where this is non existent, that those of us who understand what's going on, we pass the test, pass the gates and go somewhere where this is non existent because this is just the most unfortunate reality that I've ever seen.

And the lack of support is heartbreaking. It's truly heartbreaking. Um,

thank you. Goodbye.
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