I will always give a dog multiple chances

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a beautiful day. I have a pretty messed up story to tell you, um, but I have nothing to hide. And the people who are blamed for trying to put my organization in this position, I believe should be held accountable. I am too tired of, uh, sitting on my hands and sitting on the sidelines while psychopath rescues, who call themselves rescues but really don't, are just sitting In this constant need to feel important and significant rather than actually saving animals.

Uh, these rescues, these rescues who bully people, who try to shut people down for doing good, need to be held accountable and frankly need to be stopped. And I have a story to tell you. And I have no regrets. I want to be clear here. No regrets. I support my team's decision. Um, last week, I wanted to see the euthanasia list.

For a certain shelter in California that's known to be a very high kill shelter. There was a dog there named Chevy that as soon as I saw him, I wanted him. He looks like a pit bull. Um, he's a 110 pounds. He's all white and just an absolute beautiful dog. They have them listed as a Dogo Argentina. Um, and, uh, just, just a magnificent looking dog.

When I saw him, I immediately asked. One of our coordinators, I immediately asked one of our coordinators if we could try to save him, if we could try to get him. Her name is Beth Gibson. The name of the coordinator is Beth Gibson. She's out of Canada. Now, I was warned not to work with Beth. Many people said that it was going to be a mistake, including people on my team.

But, I ignored it. I believe we should give everyone a chance. Just like we should give every dog a chance. It doesn't mean you have to give them every chance. A lot of chances, but we should give people and dogs and animals chances. So I asked Beth if we could pull these dogs, Chevy being one of the dogs.

I was emailing with the shelter and the shelter said, he's getting adopted, that Chevy's getting adopted. I said, that's great news. Two days later, they email us. They said, we're going to euthanize Chevy today. The adopter couldn't even go in the kennel and no one can go in the kennel. He's extremely aggressive.

I said, wait, I'd really love to give him a chance. Um, is there any way I could still rescue him? They said you'd have to sign a waiver showing that we told you this dog is dangerous and very aggressive So my team was extremely hesitant about me signing this waiver. If you look a dog with that reputation around this many dogs Small medium and large and a staff of 50 people that could be quite scary But I said let's take the dog to a trainer before he gets here to decompress You And maybe we can give him a chance here.


the, the transporter gets to the shelter to pick up Chevy. The transporter is extremely nervous all of a sudden. Beth calls me frantic. They should just euthanize the dog there. He is really aggressive. He's scary. All these different things. I said, I don't care what you have to do. Get him here. We've already signed the waiver.

He's our dog now. So the dog goes to the boarding facility, the training facility, and the first day, it's looking pretty good. Uh, on the way to the trainer, the transporter, Caroline took the dog out, gave him some chicken, I guess, and thought maybe everything was going to be okay. He gets to the trainer.

The first day is great with the trainer. It's looking good. The second day, the signs of what the shelter said, the shelter said, and I quote, that he's bipolar. That it's out of nowhere, he'll act nice, and then turn on you. And the trainer said, this dog is extremely unpredictable. He's not safe. He's not safe to be around.

She didn't feel safe to go in with him to even feed him. She did feed him, of course. But she didn't feel safe with him around. She said, could you please trust me? We need to euthanize. Can you please trust me and euthanize? At this point, it wasn't my call anymore. I have a board. I have a board. We have a staff of people.

We have a VP of operations, a CEO, a CFO. I can't be the only one, after all of these signs that this dog is dangerous, it can really hurt somebody. I can't be the only one that says, I'm ignoring all of you, even though that all of you want to, even though all of you want to euthanize this potentially very dangerous dog, even though that every single person who has spent quality time with this dog says you should euthanize this dog.

I still don't want to listen to you. Let's bring the dog here. Now I invite you to think about what would happen. I invite you to think about if I brought this 110 pound dog that is clearly known to be aggressive by multiple people. If I bring this dog here and this dog kills one of my dogs, if this dog seriously injures or kills one of my employees, think about what that does to my organization.

Think about, we will never be able to get insured again. If one of the dogs die, think about the, the hate that I would feel for myself. I would never forgive myself. I took a chance on this dog. See, the thing is, these rescues, uh, there's this woman who emailed me, who's talking all this stuff about me. Her name is Amanda at Chance Foundation, chancefoundationatyahoo.

com, Amanda. Think about this. These people, Beth, all these people who wanna, who, where were they when Chevy was gonna get euthanized at the shelter? Where were they when Chevy was gonna get euthanized? Who is the only person who is the only organization that gave Chevy multiple chances us? We're the only ones and now all of these rescues are bad mouthing us Literally telling literally telling people to not let us save animals Let me explain something to you very clear and I've been holding this in for a long time I've been holding this in for a very long time, but not anymore Now on, people need to be exposed for who they really are.

There are so many, you need to be so careful to who you donate to. I'm the only organization, the only organization, that shows you these dogs, how they're doing, how they're living. Every single day, inside, outside. I bring you all the way in to my organization. The rest of these organizations, they share posts.

They show a little photo of a dog. You want to know why? Because all of these people don't save dogs because they want to save dogs. They save dogs because they want to feel significant. They want you to tell them good job. They want you to call them a hero. These dogs that most of these rescues have, they would be better off euthanized.

They're kept in kennels. They're kept in small kennels all day, 23 and a half hours a day. They're kept in kennels. They only save dogs because it's the only thing that they'll ever get a re a positive response from someone. It's not real. It's not true. Chevy did get euthanized. Chevy got euthanized and now all these rescues are saying all these horrible things because we put down a dog that was, that we felt was dangerous to society that no one else would give a chance to, that they wouldn't give a chance to, that they wouldn't rescue, that they wouldn't take in.

Before we made the decision, which it wasn't my decision, but I support it. So even though I didn't make the decision, I support it. Before they did, they called a significant amount of other rescues. They called pit bull rescues, the, the breed rescues, Dojo Argentina, Dogo Argentina rescues. Nobody would take them.

This is decision that we made. We will do anything to protect the organization. I will do anything to protect my dogs and protect, protect my staff. This just shows you when people say to me, Lee, you can't save them all. You can't save them all. This, which this is a good opportunity for you to see whether I try to save them all or I don't the evil of people seeps through the internet.

It seeps through their, their, their depression, their, their sadness, their, all their regret because they don't actually take action. It seeps through the internet and it's, it's just projecting. They project because they're not willing to make the difference from a computer, not actually saving the dogs, not actually going to the shelter and pulling 20, 30 dogs out of a shelter.

50 dogs. I told you a few days ago, we're rescuing 50 dogs this month. We're at 80, 80 this month. And out of that 80, one dog that we gave a chance to. We felt was dangerous because multiple people who actually spent time with the dog, not just 30 minutes, not just the car ride, not giving the dog chicken, but actually spending time with the dog.

They said this dog is going to hurt somebody. It wasn't dog friendly. I mean, there, there are countless reasons why this was the best decision, not just for the organization, but for the dog, for the dog. And again, I invite you to think about what would happen if we brought this dog here. And, and something happened.

Even if we took the dog to a behaviorist for training for let's say six months, we paid for that, which would be thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars that we could use on actually saving dogs that we could immediately integrate into the pack and get adopted. Even if we took that dog to training for six months, then what, then what you think that if we brought it into the pack, he can't revert back to what happened to how it used to be.

I have no regrets. And to the rescues that try to put other rescues down simply because you can't, you can't do it yourself. You can't make the tough decisions. That's why you don't have a team to manage. That's why it's just you and other of your rescue friends that just speak negatively about people.

Because you lack so much self awareness. You lack so much self awareness. You are the problem. This is the truth and you need to hear this. The reason why people don't rescue is because of people like you who represent Animal Rescue. Animal Rescue has the worst people in the world to represent it. It scares people away.

It bullies people. It judges people. It is the opposite of what these dogs and what these animals need. In my personal and humble opinion, These rescues are far worse than the people who bring their dogs into the shelter because these rescues try to stop the people who are saving them. They try to stop the people who are saving them.

They are the worst kind of people and they need to be held accountable. So Amanda, this is my response to your email. Chancefoundation at yahoo. com. This is my response. You said you look forward to hearing me. This is it. Beth, I hope you're happy about ruining this relationship. That you were, and this is the best part.

This person calls me crying because of the dogs that she left in the shelter to die that I asked her to take. This is, this is the, this just shows you it is nothing but projecting their own guilt and negativity. I'm sorry. Nothing but, and nothing else. And the people who are supporting them, you're just as bad.

You're just as bad. Team, be part of the solution. Goodness always prevails. Goodness always prevails. I've taken in probably over a thousand dogs. I've taken, guys, I've taken in over a thousand dogs. This was the one time we had to make a terrible and difficult decision that we did. And I stand by it. I will always do whatever necessary to protect this pack and to protect my team.

Thank you all so much for watching. I love you, and have a beautiful day.
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