I always wanted to be Steve Irwin when I was a kid

What is that guys come on I can only run so fast Hey, Steve Irwin, up in here, snake catcher. Um, let's put the dogs away so I can let this go. What's the odds of that? Ah! Just kidding. Okay, okay, I see, I see. I see. Little jokester around here. Kayla's gonna faint. What we have here. Kayla, can we put it in your truck just so we get the dogs away?

I know, I know, I know. Okay guys, so we have the snake here. Beautiful, beautiful snake. I'm just going to wait for the to uh, come inside and settle down and then I'm gonna release him. back into the wild. For now, I'm going to put him in here.


All right, guys, we're going to release the snake now. He's just

going to give you a little kissy.

There he is.

All right, guys, so he'll be able to hide and get some rest in this brush right here. So this is a good spot to let him go. There's a trail. There he goes. Gorgeous. This is gorgeous, man. That was another beautiful rescue mission. I love rescuing all animals. It doesn't matter. It could be

a snake, a mouse, of course, dogs, cats. And it's just a reminder. Compassion, true compassion is for everything. When you're an actual, compassionate person, You don't, it's not just specific. You're not just compassionate to dogs, real compassion, real compassion from your heart, from your soul is for people, compassion for people, for all living things.

And I cannot tell you, um, how happy it makes me to, to let that snake go and to be free. And, and, and I'm so glad the dogs, I mean, my goodness, I'm so glad I got there in time. It was, it was a close call. So thanks for watching. I love you. Have a beautiful rest of your day.
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