How I Make Money

How do you afford what you're doing? How do you make money? There was a very, very, very long time where I really can't think of much that I was able to afford. And it was a very, very scary place for quite a while. The point is, you don't give up and never do. It allowed me to finally get to a place where I built enough.

Support that other companies wanted me to advertise their stuff So a big source of my income comes from my sponsored ads my brand partnerships Also just my videos my videos do really well and the more views they have the more money we make But that's more of a smaller source. It's really just my brand sponsorships and I would say the biggest thing, which is just doing so phenomenal right now, and I'm so happy with it.

Just because of the joy it brings me to not only be able to finally make money, but it also brings me so much joy because of what it does for people, and that's Asher House Wellness, our CBD company. It's just an amazing product, so I feel really good about selling it. But in addition to that, what it does to people, how many people support it and back it and use it.

We have customers in every single state on monthly subscriptions all over the country. And it's just amazing because I know what it did for Lily. I know what it does for all my dogs, what it does for me. And I'm just so happy that my product is doing that for so many people around the country. And, uh, that really helps me out a lot as well.

For sure. Um, as far as nonprofit goes, I'm really lucky to not most, most people in animal rescue when they devote their life to it and quit their jobs and all that they have to take, which isn't wrong. They do this to survive. They obviously need to pay to eat and live. Um, but most people in animal rescue take a percentage, take a salary from their nonprofit.

And I just want to say, if I had to do that, I would. There's nothing wrong with it. I just want to be clear about that. I'm lucky enough where I don't have to do that. Um, 100 percent of our non profit goes back into the animals and to some of our employees that work on the team. And all the money from Patreon, donations of course, any sale on the website besides CBD, All of that goes directly into our non profit and I don't make any money from that.

Again, I want to be clear, if I had to and I didn't have other sources of income, I would do that. But I'm very grateful that I don't have to
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