How I Deal With Toxicity On Social Media

Hey everyone. I hope you're having an amazing day. Um, I wanted to talk to you about something that I have been journaling about for quite a bit and I've wanted to be somewhat careful with my words. Uh, when presenting this to you,

negative people, haters, people that bring other people down. I want to talk about this subject real quick. What a beautiful, beautiful day. Um, so many people, so many people, probably the majority, not necessarily you, but the majority of people watching this do not chase their dreams, do not fulfill their purpose solely because of what people may think, solely because of the, uh, the nasty environment that sometimes, sometimes social media can provide.

And I wanted to tell you something that I think about often that has greatly shifted any concern about that. And so if I want to be very transparent with you at this point in my career and everything, I really don't let it affect me because I'm more mature now than I was a year ago and a year before that.

And I know that I still have so much to learn and grow. And hopefully you believe that you do as well. But I used to be too sensitive to it. And I really started realizing a couple of things. Um, that I want to share with you. One is this, those people, right? Those people who say those things, I know this is very difficult for people to do.

And I speak for myself, my old self, uh, which could have been just yesterday. We can have a new self every day. It's your choice. But my old self wasn't very good at this is we have to remember that the people who are, uh, negative, you know, someone once said hurt people, hurt Only hurt people hurt people.

And it's really true at a whole nother level. But what you will need to know is that there is no one who is going to do equal to what you're doing or greater than what you're doing that will put you down. It's always going to be people who feel they'll never be as good. Remember that it's always going to be people that just they're, you're doing that.

Not to hurt you. They don't do it to put you down or to destroy you. They already feel destroyed. So it's very difficult for them to rise you up when they feel they cannot grow. Remember this. It's very important that you know this. There is no one, no one, no matter what you want to do, there is no one that will be equal to what you want to do or doing it better than you that will ever put you down.

No one that's a B. Come on guys. Let's go.

B. It's so hard. This is the hard part that I was going to say earlier. It's so hard to do this, but show compassion. You don't have to write anything back. You can still block these people. The best thing to do is not to try to convince them anything. The best thing to do to save your time and energy is to eliminate them from your life.

Block them. Move forward. It's the best thing for you and it's the best thing for them. Trying to convince them is giving them the attention that they very much need, right? But remember, these people are not happy. These people are not chasing their dreams. These people are not fulfilling their purpose.

They are not doing what you want to do. Maybe they have tried and failed and they gave up, but they are. It's sad because the world would be such a better place if they weren't that way. Happy people make the world happier, right? So just remember this. You can send them love. You can. That's, that's. That's, that's the highest level in my opinion of awakening, of enlightenment, right?

Sometimes like, why is, why are people like this? Why would someone say that? Why would someone go out of their way to write such a thing? This person must be crazy, et cetera. And that's another thing is, look, let's just call it what it is, right? Mental illness is real. Mental illness is real. And sometimes it's at such extreme levels that, yeah, people act out like.

What they're writing, you can read it. Although it's so mean, you know, the nothing is, is accurate from what they're saying as far as from the grammar to what they're saying to it, like, it's all just a mess. So that's even more so you realize like, look, this isn't a, to let that affect you when it's not real only means that we need to work on ourselves.

So remember those things. I know there's no particular order and I've been all over the place cause I'm kind of in a new area of the, uh, river, so I'm watching the dogs at the same time. And there's construction up there. So my senses are kind of all over the place, but just remember those things, right?

Do your best to send these people love, but never, please never let these people never let these people stop you from doing anything, from doing anything that, that there's so, so many levels that we have to pass to get to a successful place. As far as a purposeful place, you have to get through all of these levels, right?

The negative thoughts, the negative people, the, all of, all of the mistakes that we make, you have to get through all of these things, right? All of these things in life are going to try to interfere from, so that you could pass the test to really prove to the universe or God, whatever you believe, so that you could prove to this world that what you're doing is, is worth it, right?

You have to show that you're meant to do it, right? Don't let anything stop you, but especially don't let the failures of others, the failed opinions, the failures of others, or, or the unhappy people. Don't let these people stop you. They will never do what you do. They don't do what you do and they'll definitely never be better.

And that's usually people's number one reason for trying to stop people from doing amazing things, but send them love. Continue on fight on. And it's going to happen. I promise you it will happen. You have to just push through. I promise you, listen to my voice, listen to everything. I promise you it's going to happen for you.

Do not quit. You're going to make it happen. I have no doubt. You just have to get through those levels, especially the negative people. I love you. Thank you so much. You're awesome. Bye.
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