Every state of the USA is great - Smile first

Hey guys, I hope you're having a beautiful day and an incredible week just out here taking a walk with the dogs. Wanted to share something with you that I was thinking about. Um, been doing a little bit of traveling, had a couple meetings in a variety of different places recently. And, uh, something recently sparked my attention.

Basically, about a week ago, there, I saw this video of this guy. Who, um, was really passionately talking negatively about, uh, a state that he was recently in, that he was visiting. And I'm not gonna say the state, because I don't want to put that negative energy out there, so it, it, the, the, the state doesn't matter.

But, um, my reaction to it was like, oh, that's unfortunate. You know, I didn't defend the state or anything, I just was like, that sucks that people aren't nice there. But what I should have done is, is been like more, I guess, open and ask more questions to myself about like his experience, right? So, I share this with you because like I had an insight because I just got back from that state and I thought the people were amazing.

I thought the people were so nice. In fact, I find that I can't think of a state that I've been to, and I've been to all of them, literally, I've been to all of them. I can't think of a state that I've been to where I don't think that the people are nice. And this isn't like a positive thinking thing. This isn't me being a motivator, you know, to motivate people are nice.

I understand that there's mean people out there. But literally I haven't been to a state and I've been to all of them where I think, or I now think that the people from there are rude. And what the guy was saying is, the guy was like, people don't smile here where I'm from, people smile, people wave, people ask how you're doing, and it was interesting because a lot of people in the comments were like, I agree bro, you know, I'm from there, no one says hi, no one smiles, but I promise you this, you will be happier, you will be happier, you will see the world in a lighter lens, you will If you are the one who smiles and says, hi, how are you doing?

First, I cannot tell you without fail, wherever I am. If I make eye contact with someone, I don't care if the guy's a monster has tattoos all over his face is trying to alpha me and like gives me that weird look. It doesn't matter who the person is. If I lock eyes with you. I, I, I smile. I say, Hi, how's it going?

And 99. 9 percent of the time you feel this beautiful energy from them, where they just, they needed it, or they just like that, like you smiled at them. You just, they, they like that, that small little instance of human interaction that takes about a second or less is a somewhat gives people a sense of hope for humanity.

It shows that people are kind and nice. If you're walking around, probably how this guy's was, you know, just looking at people like, right? No one's gonna look at you like, hey, how's it going? Right? When you look like kind of an a hole. But when you are present and you lock eyes with someone and you, and you have a desire to, to connect for just a second.

Hi, how are you? How's it going? You smile. It's, I, no matter where you're from, they'll do it back. So the point of the story is, Hey, be careful who you listen to, right? And the type of person that spreads information tree almost fell on me. Fantastic. Um, but the point that I wanted to make that I wrote down in my notes that I want to share with you, come on guys, is be first to be kind, be first to be kind, smile first, say hi first, wave first.

And if the person doesn't smile back or wave back to take that personally or to identify. city or a state because of that person's reaction. You have no idea what that person's going through. You have no idea if that person can even think about smiling right now because they just had to put their dog down or their cat or their pet or, uh, you know, someone they care about.

You, you just to, to treat people in a certain way based off one or two or even three people's reaction is madness. It's madness. And you can think about how many people live their life that way. Where they're so afraid of what one or two people think. Think about this, right? Every video that I make, the, I really do believe this in my heart.

Like, it's, and most people believe it. Sorry for spitting so much. I just like chugged a gallon of water. Like I really believe like we have the most amazing supporters the best fans like man What a freaking beautiful community the Asher house is right on our videos people share stories share the dogs They've rescued share how a video, you know inspired them all these things right?

But of course, there's always always right And, and we're so lucky, we have to like, you have to look for them, so I, I don't even see them. But always there's one or two people that have something negative to say. How crazy of, how crazy would it be if I made a video being like, Hey guys, these one or two or three comments on each video hurt my feelings so much, I don't, I don't want to make videos anymore.

What a disservice. What a selfish disservice that would do for animals, for people, for the world that I so badly want to have a positive effect on. So please, please do not wait for people to be kind to you in order to be kind. Do not wait for you to see goodness until you attach that goodness. The opposite, it's the opposite.

Where you see darkness is where your light should shine the most. Where you see a place, a person, An area that needs light. That's where you come in. Do not wait for it to come to you. Be that engager. Be that presence. Be that power. That energy for greatness. That energy for the, at the very least, for goodness.

Because that is how slowly but surely we make the world a kinder, more gentle, and a more pleasant place to live in. Thank you. 

And again, I have to continue on. Sorry for ranting. It's just that, um, it really, like, I cannot stress this enough. I really cannot. Before I started the Asher House Sanctuary, you know, I don't know if you know this. I shouldn't have assumed. My apologies. Before I started the Asher House Sanctuary, I was in an RV and a school bus traveling the entire country in its entirety with my dogs.

Having meet and greets, adoption events, and of course, We have to eat. I'm out and about going to gas stations, going shopping if we needed supplies for things. You know, I have not just like dabbled in each state. I have spent time in each state. And I can assure you that people are generally good people and kind people.

And when they're not, 99 percent of the time it's because they're going through something and what they need most is your kindness. Thank you very much. So, that's really the, the point I'm trying to stress. So, that's it for today. Here are the, here are the dogs.

I love you and have an amazing day. Thank you. Bye.
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