Do new dogs always get along- No, not always

Hey guys, I hope you're having a beautiful day. I'm just introducing Major. His name is Major. We're going to name him Murphy. Which is the Doberman that we rescued a couple weeks ago. From Marion County. This is him. And I brought him out alone. Uh, because I wanted to introduce him separately. And the reason I wanted to introduce him separately He's very excited.

They're all just getting their sniffs in. The reason I, why I wanted to introduce him separately is because for some reason, um, the other dogs he was with from Marion County that he was quarantined with really didn't like him. They were kind of bullies and picking on him and he was getting a little bit nervous being with them.

So I did, obviously I did separate them, but I also didn't want that energy with them when I introduced the pack. So, I'm gonna let him get really close to the pack. And what I'm hoping is, is that when I introduce the rest of the dogs from Erie County, from the shelter, excuse me, when I introduce the rest of the dogs from the shelter in three or four days, by that time I'm hoping The pack, my current pack, will protect him from them if they're mean to him.

So I'm introducing him, uh, about a week before the other dogs so that my pack accepts him, hopefully, so far so good, they're just meeting now, so, um, so that my pack accepts him and as well as protects him. If they do accept him, they will protect him. But yeah, the boxer, the other pit bull and the other German Shepherd, they were just kind of bullying him quite a bit.

And, um, the reasons for that are unknown. No, none of them are fixed and they, and he's still not fixed. They will get fixed in just a few days. Uh, well, he will get fixed next week along with the rest of them. But anyways, um, that doesn't matter. What matters is, um, so far it's going really well. Here he is here.

And, you know, there's so many dogs in the pack right now that the intros are a lot easier because they, they are, are still getting to know each other. You know, they're all just sniffing each other. You could see as one notices him, they'll get, they'll, they will then get somewhat fixated on them. And he's marking his territory everywhere.

He's hard to, he's hard to film. He doesn't stop moving. But he definitely has a lot of growth to do, a lot of work to do here. He does not trust people at all. Um, he will, he will let me pet him only if I approach extremely slowly. If I move, if I move quickly, he gets really nervous. Luckily, we've had a lot of experience with dogs like that here.

But, um, yeah, it was pretty sad. The, the, the dogs that he was with for a few days were just mean to him. They're not aggressive. You know, there's no, there's no, We didn't, there was no fights or anything like that. I think that we separated them before it got to that point, but they were just really mean to him.

And it could be, it could be survival of the fittest. If I had to guess the reason why the other three dogs wanted to cast him out, it's because at the end of the day, they are animals. It is an animal kingdom. It is survival of the fittest. And he definitely has the highest anxiety out of the four. So they probably didn't want that type of energy in the pack.

They thought it would make the pack weak with such a new environment. Packs can form extremely strong or the opposite. So what I mean is it can go the other, the other direction like it did for him. It's lost sight of him. Here he is where the other direction like it did for him where the pack doesn't want them.

They just want a really strong pack so that they could get food together, survive together. The other three have a lot in common. He was the weakest link. So, that's why I'm introducing him to these dogs, and I really do believe they will protect him when I introduce all the dogs at once. If you can see why I would do that.

There he is. He's doing great. And, uh, yeah. Alright. That's it guys. The rest of the dogs I'm going to introduce, not all at once, but groups of four or five. There's a lot of them. Groups of four or five, I'll introduce them. All right. I love you. I think I might introduce a couple more today. And then, um, but not any of the bigger dogs, just the dogs that, uh, that he wasn't even with.

So it'd be a fresh start for him. So, yeah, I think I explained it. If not, do you feel free to ask me any questions in the comments and I'll make another video. I know my head's all over the place because I'm watching him. It's his first time being out, but it is quite beautiful. If you want to enjoy it with me, like he's really, Really loving to run.

He's just running around. This is the happiest I've seen him since I've got him. And it's really wonderful to see him staying around the dogs, not running off, even though it's entirely, entirely fenced in. Um, it's, it's nice to see that he's not trying to get over the hill. He's really staying within the, within the distance of the pack.

That means he feels safe with the pack. He feels safe with me, although he doesn't really want a lot of human connection yet. I'm really glad that he finds safety with the dogs and that they're all that I can see from what I can tell they're already accepting him and he's just having a lot of fun. This is the happiest I've seen him.

It's beautiful. This is what's really great. You know, guys. Beautiful Doberman. And I'm really happy he's here. Look at him go. I mean, it's unbelievable. Come on guys

Really cool. Sorry that I'm all over the place Sorry, if I'm all over the place, I'm just pretty excited and I'm obviously trying to focus on him here. Come on Beautiful really lovely. All right guys. I love you. Thanks for watching. Have a beautiful day
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