Cops, Fireworks, Middle Fingers... How I Dealt With A Terrible Day

Hey guys, I hope you're having a beautiful day. Um, I wanted to share a quick story with you. Something that just happened to me, um, and uh, just happened to me yesterday actually. And now that I'm able to think about it, I wanted to share it with you. Just an interesting perspective. So, I took the dogs.

There's a highway that just opened up that was shut down all year due to the fires. Uh, and it just opened up. So I took my dogs down this beautiful highway. Just amazing scenery. I'll show you some of the footage. I'm gonna put a video together, but it's kind of Overwhelming. I mean miles and miles and miles and miles thousands of miles of all just burnt down trees and forest.

Loba, Clyde, Leave it. Come on So, come on Roger So anyways, I go there and I'm having this beautiful time with the dogs And, uh, all of a sudden a police officer comes and he's really upset. And, uh, he says, did you see the signs? And I, I really did not, but there were signs where I couldn't, you know, I couldn't be doing what I was doing.

So he's like, I could take you to jail or I can give you a ticket, but I'm not going to do either. You know, because being cooperative and everything, very, very nice of him. It could have been bad, but I was still like a little upset because I was like, man, I really, this sucks, you know, I just was having such a nice time and we were only out there for a few minutes before it happened.

So then I'm driving, so I'm like, all right, That's it. So I go to a gas station to get gas, and as we're getting gas, right at the ga like, literally, just, right next to the gas station. Not the safest place to do it, you would think, but right next to the gas station, people start letting off fireworks in the middle of the day.

I couldn't believe it, and I'm just so angry, and the dogs, I had Lucy with me, very, very high anxiety. Lobo, Copper, leave it. Come on, guys. I had Lucy with me, I had Love with me in New Rescue, I had Charles, Hooch, I had quite a few dogs with me, Callie and I, I just ironically had the dogs that are really, really afraid of fireworks and they start letting them off and the dogs go absolutely nuts.

And I can't just drive off my tank, my, the, the thing is in it, the, the pump is in my car. So I'm like, I'm angry now. You know, I had these, the sequence of events and I'm in this like, I'm angry. I'm angry that there's fireworks like already. Like I'm, I'm all the dogs. This was the bad part is, is all the dogs were so afraid.

They started jumping into the front seat and they're scratching the hell out of me. So now I have like no exaggeration, like four or five big dogs in the front seat and they're on top of each other and they won't go to the back cause they're so afraid of the fireworks. So I'm driving home and I'm driving super cautious.

I'm driving very slow. And this dude behind me is like right on my butt driving right on me. And I'm just like, go around me, dude, you know? And then he like speeds up and gets right next to me and gives me the finger. I didn't want to give you the finger. He gives me the finger, like all the, like, you know, like a nice and slow finger.

And he sees that I have all these dogs in the front seat. And man, I was like, see, this is how people. Lose it. You know, I wanted to, like, just follow the guy and just, and just ask him, like, what the hell is wrong with you? Like, I so badly just want to be like, what is wrong? Like, what, what is wrong with your brain?

You know? And I wasn't even going that slow. You know I was going the exact speed limit. And I started thinking, like, it wasn't that this guy gave me the finger that triggered me. I, I'm in a, you know, pretty secure place in my life where I could just be like, you know, what a loser and drive off. But It was the, the, my goodness, what's all these bugs?

It was the sequence. What the hell is happening here? Dude, there were so many bugs on me just now. Holy crap. That was unfortunate. Oh my gosh. I'm gonna have to go back through that again. Um, it was like first the, you know, the police officer, which by the way, I could have handled better. Of course. I was super nice about it.

And, and, but so is he, he could have given me a 250 ticket for each dog, not being on leash. And again, I was like in the middle of nowhere. So I didn't think it was an issue. And then of course, what really triggered me, it was the fireworks and how I had to like, just be stuck there. Come on guys. So then, like the third thing, this guy giving me the finger, that was just, you know, the straw that broke the straw.

That was ironic timing. The straw that broke the camel's back. Cause I was just like so angry and I didn't lose my temper. I was like, Lee, it's not worth it. Drive off. Of course. I talked myself down, but there's people, the bugs are back. Fantastic. There's people that don't have that conversation with themselves.

That's, you know, that talked himself down. And if you think about it, it's never the issue. So I know this is kind of a longer story, but there's a lesson in it, a lesson in everything, in my opinion. And the lesson in this is remember that when you have a negative interaction with someone, right, when you have that negative interaction with someone where, you know, you just, you just, you're, you can't understand them or what's wrong with them, or they lose their temper or whatever.

You're never getting what, you're never getting a result of what you did. It wasn't of what you did, right? This person, not, not that it justifies their, their reactions, but it's to help you not react. So this isn't, the lesson isn't to justify people's, you know, losing their temper and stuff like that.

We're adults and we have to take responsibility. But it's about you remembering that when someone treats you a certain way, it really doesn't have anything to do with you. This is a response from all of their stresses and the pain and everything that they've experienced sometimes just that day or, you know, then they have the trauma of they've gone through their entire life that they haven't dealt with and they take it out on people.

So it's just that reminder because sometimes those people are people that we care about and we have to remember, you know, compassion comes in and empathy, especially isn't just towards animals. Remember, it's so important, especially for animal lovers, to be able to direct that empathy and direct that compassion towards people.

And of course, I have to remind myself that as well. Maybe I'm just talking to myself because, but the difference is that I didn't respond to that guy driving and, you know, giving me the finger and triggering me. I, I got upset, but it's not, it's sometimes it's not about not getting upset. It's about not responding right when you're upset.

So hopefully one day I get to a place where all these things can happen and I'm just like namaste bro, you know, not going to allow it to affect me. But yeah, just wanted to share that with you. Um, just thought of another story I'll tell you, but not today. It happened to me at a hotel. Um, we'll talk about another day cause I feel like this is long enough.

Why don't you look at some puppies? Look how good she looks by the way. Incredible transformation already. Wound is completely healed up. I'll show you another day, but

love, let me see. You see, it's all closed up. I don't know if you could see it, but anyways, dogs are good. Happy Bobo.

All right, guys. I love you very much. Hope all is awesome and, uh, stay happy. Stay safe. Stay kind. Stay wet, Cali. Stay wet. Say what, say what? Say what, say what? Say what, say what?
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