We brought part of the pack to the beach

Even though I'm so in love with our new property and it's everything I've ever dreamed of, it's still so important for me to get away every now and then.

It's important for my overall mental health. This is so perfect.

Find your happy place. The beach, the ocean, the waves, the sand, being there with all of the dogs, that is my happy place. Nothing to me calms my mind more than that. Callie, come here. Callie, drop.

It's so important just to stop, take breaks, and enjoy life however you can. This is what animal rescue is all about. All of these dogs were in horrible situations before they came here. Getting a dog, and giving that dog the best life possible. But it's important for you to enjoy that life, too. For you to feel just as free as the dog.

That's when you can make it work. That's when it's never too much. When you dedicate to serving animals. Serving at all. Serving people. But when you do it, you find a way to enjoy the process. Of course it's going to get hard. You're going to feel depressed. You're going to feel sad, alone, like no one understands.

It's in those moments when you feel that way to stop and find what brings you joy while also doing what you love the most
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