How I handle dog fights in the pack

Hey guys, I hope you're having a beautiful day. I wanted to show you something. So right now there's some tension and a fight is about to probably break out, a small one, with the dogs here. You see they're getting very rambunctious and they're all starting to try to outflit each other and as I get closer they stop because they know they're not supposed to.

But all of here just started it again. And I want to tell you, A, obviously you can see I'm staying calm, right? But I do have to do something about it. So the last thing you want to do is start freaking out. So you want to see who the instigator is, which is Olive. And I'm just going to put a leash on her.

Olive. No, I'll wait for her to stop.

And I'm not, I I'm going to walk, walk towards her as long as it takes. I don't care how far it is. If I say her name right now, it won't matter. Because she's not Olive. Olive.

And this will put an end to it. It should. If not, then I'll leash another dog. If not, then I'll leash another dog. But I'm going to leash the dog that's creating the tension. That's riling them all up. Now, if I was going to leash another dog, it would be Ajax here. But before I do that, Hey, I can't at the moment, because I have one hand with Olive, and the other hand I'm, you know, having a conversation with you.

By the way, the dogs with the cones, they got fixed, uh, about a week ago. So we have them wear the cones, so they don't lick the wound. But they can be on the walks, they just can't get wet. Anyways, I wanted to show you, hey, you could listen. Now it's stopped.

You don't hear anything, right? You hear Hooch, but he's playing with Goose. It's not aggressive.

They're kissing. And it's something that simple. It's really important to know, A, your dog's why, so you can know who is the instigator. But it doesn't need such extreme measures. It doesn't need such extreme measures. To bring the energy down Simply walking. You notice I barely said her name What's really important about this that I'd like to mention please is that I definitely didn't say her name when I knew she wouldn't listen If she's you know focused on playing tag and rowling the dogs up and running and the zoomies and all that There's no way me saying her name.

It's not gonna do anything, right? And she's a dog that I think has probably Rather good recall. Sorry, my mouth is a little dry. Excuse me. It's quite chilly and windy today. So, I only said her name, I said her name the second she made eye contact with me. Really important piece here is I only said her name the second that she made eye contact with me.

That's when I said in a stern voice, Olive. You should only have to say it once, twice the most. But as far as me walking towards her, I don't give up on that. I see the, I see it all the way through. And I knew that she was the one that was causing the dogs to get riled up. And if you don't do something about it, it's tricky here.

So there's two parts. A, if you don't do something about it, as you could probably hear, if you go back to the video, the growling and the rowdiness was only increasing, it was only getting, You know, more and more intense. So it's going to lead, it's going to turn into a fight. No question about it. You have to do something about it, but how you respond is how they will respond.

Usually there's exceptions, but usually these are just, uh, the grout, the ground gets wobbles and copper, just plain. Usually how you will respond is how they will respond. So it's really important that you stay calm. You don't start screaming, shouting all the names. You hear that at the dog park all the time.

And it, it almost always turns into a fight. No one takes action. It's just a lot of vocalizing. Uh, it could really make things worse and your anxiety and your stress towards the situation. Can certainly make things worse. Even if you have a dog that's not involved in it, if your personal dog senses, your stress and anxiety, they might start to feel that they need to be very protective and get involved into this fight, simply move slowly.

You know, use your mind. Of course, if you have to move quicker, move quicker, but common sense wise, I say this move slowly and calmly find the source of the tension and remove it. And this, this is a good time, in case anyone needs a reminder, find the source of the tension in your life, and do your best to calmly remove it, okay?

Now I'm gonna let her go. Now, I'm going to release the leash, because this is what I want, calm energy.

She's kind of shaking it off, as you saw. And now it's better. See? If she was to go right back into creating the intensity that I don't want, or creating any energy that you don't want, if she starts to do it again, I go right back to the leash. Always have a leash on you. No matter how great you think your dogs are, no matter what, you should always, always, always bring a leash with you.

Um, pack walks, wherever I have at least one or two leashes. Um, you know, as I said that I had the voice inside of me that said, tell, tell the truth. I forget sometimes, and I always really beat myself up. Because I said, man, what if something happened here? And if you would have had a leash, you could have, you know, uh, avoided that situation.

So I, I am forgetful, but most of the time I remember to bring a leash. So that's that. But anyways, now that I've confessed, uh, I always try to remember to bring a leash. And it's such a simple thing that can, such a simple tool that could prevent a possibly a very big problem. All right. Uh, and, and this also answers a question.

This answers a question, how do you not have dog fights? Of course, they'll happen, you know, but you, but, after a long time of doing this, you find the, the very important ways that, uh, what you can do to help avoid them, you know?

Okay. I love you, and have a beautiful day. Thank you so much for watching. And, um, look, this is the energy we wanted to see. You know, you saw it from the beginning to the end, you know, you, you really saw that was the beginning of the tension. If I would have let it happen longer, it really would have, it could have been, it could have very much been bad, but you were there to help me solve it.

I love you guys. Thank you. Bye now.
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