Feeding the Pack

Today I'm going to take you through feeding the pack, not all the dogs, but I'm going to feed about 55 dogs and you're going to feed them with me. Well, you're going to get their bowls prepared.

So first I get their dry food, their kibble, then I top it off with some wet food. And this is when I begin. their CBD. Now the larger dogs get anywhere between 750 milligrams to a thousand milligrams and the smaller dogs get their 250 milligrams of CBD. I personally take the 750 to a thousand for sleep and for any sort of back pain.

Then I make sure that each of the dogs get their probiotic digestive chews. I cannot tell you how important it is for your dog to be taking a probiotic every single day. First of all, on a personal note, it definitely helps with dog farts, but in addition to that, it greatly helps with digestion, intestinal inflammation.

It could even improve their immune system, which will ultimately improve their skin and coat. So many reasons to make sure that not only your dogs are taking probiotics, but we should be taking them as well. What I'm giving to my dogs on wellness is what I give my dogs every single day. I then make sure that each of the dogs get their multivitamin chews.

These were designed to improve heart and brain function as well as boost the immune system. This is what I give my dogs every single day. It is loaded with nine essential vitamins. It's amazing and also helps with digestion. Then I'm on to the allergy chews. Not all my dogs get these. They could, but because they get the multivitamins and the hip and joint and the CBD, they don't all need the allergy chews.

However, my Frenchies and any dogs that have some pretty bad allergies get the allergy chews. Then on to the hip and joint. Of course, this is one of my favorites. I love these, especially because I have so many bigger dogs, a lot that came with hip dysplasia. All of the dogs, big, medium, small, large, extra small.

That was too many. Don't give your dogs that many. Obviously, I'm not gonna use seven or eight. However many I poured in there, it's because I'm filming. But, each of the dogs get their hip and joints. The large dogs get three. The extra large dogs get four. Um, but yeah, I absolutely love these. And the small dogs just get one.

Hip and joints are amazing. And this is what I give my dogs every single day, no matter what. Then I top off all of the kibble with water. It could be a little bit dry, so I top off all the kibble with water. And then I add beef liver treats to any picky eaters. I top it off with beef liver treats.

Sometimes I'll just give it to all the dogs because they absolutely love these. They're obsessed and it's so, so good for them. So they all, sometimes will get some beef liver, but especially my picky eaters will always get beef liver. And that's about it. It's one of the best parts of the day. And, uh, I really appreciate you guys watching and anything that you're interested in from the video would be on our website, asherhousewellness.com. Thank you all so much for the support. It means the world to me. I love you and have a beautiful day.
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