Dogs Make Us Better People

You know, you said one thing I've heard you say a lot, um, is how relentless dogs are. You know, they're just relentless when it comes to, you know, whether if they, whether they have legs or don't have legs, they're going to walk, you know, you put the food in front of them, you tell them not to, they're going to eat, they're going to survive.

They're going to thrive. They're going, they're going to continue growing. And they'll also, you know, they'll be relentless at finding their way into your heart. You know, and I think so many people, unfortunately, you know, most people that probably listen to this conversation don't have this problem. It's probably going to be mostly animal lovers, but someone who won't allow a dog or any animal to touch their heart, that would be such a sign of needed personal growth.

Nobody needs that more than the person who doesn't allow it. I mean, and they don't know what they're missing. And it's not like, Oh, you could have this great buddy. Oh, you get to spend such wonderful time together. No, that's not it. It changes you at every level. It makes you a better person in any way you need to become a better person because it's not just, it's not just, it's, it's the, it's being able to empathize or connect with a creature that has no physical features to remind you of yourself It's, it's, it's, they show you, they show you who you are, you know, and they accept it.

Forgive it. Love it. Appreciate it. They, they show you who you are, what you need to work on. I mean, I, I can't tell you my, my dogs so much. Just make me reflect. Like if I react to something in a certain way, you know, and I, I, I, it's just like such a. But it's, it's a continued, there are a continuous reminder and a continuous lesson every single day.

You know, it's never like I, I, I respond to something poorly or I say something mean. Then I look to my right and I see my dog looking at me, I'm like, yeah, I probably shouldn't have done that. Or like maybe I shouldn't have said, you know, it's like, you, you didn't like that very much. They're like, no, I didn't.

So it's, uh, they're, they're magical. They really are. And speaking of magic, you know, I, we spoke about your presence and the energy that you bring and how I truly do believe that you are just a gift. You know, like, yesterday, Sonia uh, I forgot what she texted me. I'll tell you. She said, uh, my phone's off.

Can you pull up what you texted me? Said, um, Yo, you didn't tell me we were interviewing a damn saint. I said, I said, she really is one. You have no idea. And then Sonia goes, I'm crying like a damn little watching her videos. And I said, I said, yeah, she is very powerful. And then Sonia said, yo, this laptop is the and I said, I'll buy you one.

If you want one thing leads to another very conveniently. I just didn't think that the entire conversation was
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