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My dog was constantly Panting...

I bought the Asher House Thrive oil for my lab, Cooper. He’s constantly panting. I swear he’s been panting all day every day for a year now. We did blood work, X-rays & nothing conclusive. I chalked it up to anxiety. We’ve had a lot of changes lately. I gave him is first dose this morning and OMG! His panting has reduced dramatically. Cooper and I thank you so much!

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Usually really nervous

Hey Lee! I gave your Asher House Thrive oil to my pit Ava. She was abused in her previous life and had her pups stolen from her. She’s usually really nervous around people and she gets pretty aggressive when strangers come close to us. I’ve been giving her the oil for about 3 days and today she walked up to a couple on a walk and let them pet her!!!! It was amazing. Truly a life saver.

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Pain level decreased

Hi Lee, got my bottle...gave a few drops to my little rescue, Betty Boop. She was severely abused in her previous life and so is a nervous skittish little dog. Today after giving her Asher House Thrive Oil, for the first time, she was about half as nervous as normal. I think with consistency in giving her the oil, this will get even better.

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Played like a puppy!

I started giving my 5 year old Labradoodle Emme Asher House Thrive oil last week. She usually has so much anxiety we’ve never had a successful trip to the dog park even tho she wants to play so bad. I have tears in my eyes writing this because today we went to the dog beach and she swam and played like a puppy!! I swear she was smiling!! Thank you so so much!

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